Need for Speed The Run

Need for Speed: The Run – E3 Trailer veröffentlicht

Wie versprochen, veröffentlicht Electronic Arts nach der Vorstellung von Need for Speed The Run den Trailer zum kommenden Arcade-Racingspiel. Der Trailer zeigt die neue Grafik sowie die neue Art Need for Speed zu spielen. Seht selbst!


As Jack’s epic cross-country race speeds into downtown Chicago, experience breathtaking action both behind the wheel and on foot. Jack must steal a police cruiser then evade the mob helicopter and a hailstorm of bullets in his desperate attempt to get back into the race.

Desweiteren gab es das erste Interview mit Jason DeLong auf Gamerzines zu Need for Speed: The Run. Laut Jason DeLong sei die größte Neuerung, dass man erstmals sein Auto verlassen kann. Weitere Informationen zur Frostbite 2 Engine, den Quick Time Events und vielen weiteren Themen erhältst du ebenfalls auf Gamerzines.

We’ve tried to tell stories in the past with Need For Speed but testing and conversations have revealed that it’s hard to feel connected to the character when we assume that we’re the character, because we’ll always have the actors looking into the camera and talking to you. At some point there’s a fourth wall that gets broken and you don’t really believe you’re that racer, whereas if you apply a believable character to that game, like a movie or a great game, you care for that character. In Drake’s Fortune you care for what happens to Nathan Drake; you’re not him but you’re playing that character. So the introduction of a character was a way for us to tell a story in a way we haven’t been able to before.

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